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Tips to make a monsoon resistance home

In India July to September months are known as monsoon season or rainy season, Everyone waiting for these months whole year, some of for cool environment and pleasant humidity some of for crops, monsoon season also known as crop's weather, in our country few villagers celebrate the first rain of every rainy season as like a festival.

Apart from all festive and romantic thoughts, there is something serious for all in this season. That is our home which needs some extra care.

At the time of construction everyone designed their home keeping all points in mind related to rain, sunlight, and ventilation and all, but some time due to unawareness we skips something important that affects in future. That is not a big burden but necessity for us.

Monsoon is a very pleasurable climate but if we do not think about home safety, it will convert in a big harm. Here some handy tips which help all to have secured you home on rainy season.

1) Coloring of wall:

Painting is a very sensitive part in home, home’s beauty 40% depends on color choice and is quality. Low quality paint became fad due to moisture in wall in rainy season. Before applying color on wall first apply any moister resistance medium on home inner walls as well as outer (more fruitful for long life). Here some painting tips which help you:

Measurement of moisture- while paint you house use a moister meter, which help to analyze to traces water or moisture inside walls. Apply proper plastering, fills all cracks with cement.

Apply several coats: some wall painting experts advised to do more than one layers of shade on wall. Number of coats depends on the superiority of paint, using various coats not mean to formulate paint chunky as a result always be aware about its liquidity.

2) Wooden work care:

In rainy Season care of your furniture doors windows and all wooden work is as important as wall care. Apply at least a single wax layer on all to protect them from monsoon moisture.

3) Check electrical stuff:

The highly important thing to remember during monsoon is all electrical fittings, if you find any type of loses on wiring of your home immediately call an electrician and repair that. Special repair that part which near to water, because we all know that water is very sound conductor of electricity, and any unawareness regarding electrical supply causes a serious miss happening.

4) Keep the other stuff on the side:

we have so many decorating items in our home but due to water they can damaged so keep them on side clay hanging chain, artificial flowers , carpets etc, all these items are not good in use for monsoons.

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